The YouTube Effect – Changing How We Access Education

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In a previous post, I share how emerging technologies will and is changing the manner we as a populace will gain access to online degree college courses and college information in general. You can learn more about my thoughts on that here. Rather than lump all technologies into that original post, it made more sense to dedicated a post just to – YouTube.

This site made famous for “broadcasting you” with videos of cats playing pianos, dogs talking, or all manner of ways kids dream up to hurt themselves it’s also quickly evolved and adapted to other needs. One of these adaptations is in the field of education with its – Education category (found here).

In this modern age as education also emerges from the classrooms of college campuses around the world with lectures now digitally recorded, these recordings have now bubbled to surface of the web via YouTube’s education channel for the world to use.

The Ivy League kings are featured prominently here. Among them you’ll find Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Yale to share a few. As of this writing the four universities mentioned have presently published 5,586 videos among them. The topics will vary from class lectures to the graduation speech of Steve Jobs before a class of newly minted grads at Stanford. It’s worth listening too – check it out.

Another resource I’ve personally mentioned and any online degree student should bookmark is the Kahn Academy. Started by Salman Kahn to help tutor his cousin by answering her questions via YouTube videos, he soon discovered a following tuning in to each video to learn with her. Over time requests poured in from around the world for assistance with all manner of scholastic problems to which he dedicated himself and his time to answer and publish videos for.

His work was noticed by the Gates Foundation from whom he received a grant allowing him to dedicate himself full-time to running his academy. Even though his digital academy now fully operates its own website much of his course material and presence remain fully intact on YouTube under their branded channel. When facing material that challenges you the Kahn Academy (found here) could be that place that helps open your mind to the concept you need to grasp.

It’s received rave reviews and should be on any students shortlist of resources to learn from.

The fantastic thing about technology is its ability to expand our access to materials that would otherwise be exclusive to those with direct access; for example, a student attending MIT, Harvard, or Yale being able to attend a class. Material such as this is now openly being published and made available to anybody with internet access and a computer.

Though we’ve grown accustomed to the internet being tied to our daily lives the fact we’re in the midst of a revolution in education is lost to many of us. What this means to the distant student is simple. If earning an online degree the need will eventually arise something you’re studying will give you reason to pause. The answer could be at your fingertips on YouTube.

Welcome to the digital education revolution and the YouTube effect.

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