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How many times have you heard the saying “live life without regret!”  For me, I cannot even remember how many times I’ve heard that or said it to myself or one reason or another.  Often times, the people we admire most are those individuals who seem to bend life to their will rather than simply accepting its leftovers, or living their lives without regret.

More rare, are the times life swings back around to give a person living with regret another bite of the apple, or a chance to do what the missed the first time.  For me, online degree universities did just that and for those in the position I was once in it still does.

That second chance is to earn a college degree.

Maybe if you’re like I was and left high school with hopes of being a college grad, but other things got in the way – namely life.  You may even have managed to squeeze in some time at a local community college earning a fair share of credit hours that just never carried you farther to a bachelor’s degree.

It might be that sitting in a traditional college classroom wouldn’t fit your needs or schedule.  Perhaps it was some combination of all these things – it was for me.

Online degree universities are all about creating opportunities.  If you’re a high school graduate who wanted to attend college but never did you can do so online.  For those who’ve wondered why they bothered earning a bunch of credit at a community college knowing attending a traditional college would never work in many cases these can be transferred to a distance degree program.

You may consider yourself too old to earn a degree now.  All I can say to that is you’re never too old to do anything.  There are countless older students in the world bettering themselves with that degree they never quite managed to get around to when they were younger.

As the saying goes – for every problem there is a solution.  For the problem of how to earn a degree when faced with not being able to attend traditional college the expansive world of online degree universities provide a solution.  For that high school student wondering how to earn a degree when there’s not a traditional college nearby to attend distance education can help them.

Those folks with college credit hours unfulfilled for having never earned a degree as mentioned earlier these can transferred to a distance degree program.  For the older people who say “I wish” “If I could only go back” “if I were only younger”, distance education is age neutral – it lets you go back.

It doesn’t care if you’re 30, 50, or even 100 years old.  All you need is the desire to earn that degree and online degree universities will provide the opportunity – your second bite at the apple.

The question is will you take hold of the second chance offered to you and do what you know is best for yourself or continue carrying the burden of regret from not living to your up to your potential.  Choices.

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