An Online Degree Fast – The Truth Not Found In Advertising

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Buyers beware! I’ve said it. You’ve heard it a thousand times over the years from when you were a kid to the present. Nowhere is that saying more appropriate than in the crowded world of internet based education. The websites are slick and the temptation is great – “Earn a fully accredited degree for life experience!” “Get your degree in a few days – guaranteed!” Amazingly most people reading this would say, “I’d never fall for that type of scam!”

Yet, the proliferation of these sites all over the web continue to prove us all wrong and I guarantee a few of you have checked one or two out just to learn more.

Who can blame somebody for wanting to earn an online degree fast? There were times I’d wished my own online education had been faster and even easier at times. In retrospect, I’m glad it wasn’t and happy to have proven I could overcome the numerous challenges. I’m better for having done so. You will be too.


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