An Online Degree Fast – The Truth Not Found In Advertising

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An Online Degree Fast – The Truth Not Found In Advertising

Buyers beware!  I’ve said it.  You’ve heard it a thousand times over the years from when you were a kid to the present.  Nowhere is that saying more appropriate than in the crowded world of internet based education.  The websites are slick and the temptation is great – “Earn a fully accredited degree for life experience!”  “Get your degree in a few days – guaranteed!”  Amazingly most people reading this would say, “I’d never fall for that type of scam!”

Yet, the proliferation of these sites all over the web continue to prove us all wrong and I guarantee a few of you have checked one or two out just to learn more.

Who can blame somebody for wanting to earn an online degree fast?  There were times I’d wished my own online education had been faster and even easier at times.  In retrospect, I’m glad it wasn’t and happy to have proven I could overcome the numerous challenges.  I’m better for having done so.  You will be too.

The interesting hook for these types of degree mills usually claims some method of turning a person’s life experiences into college credit and in turn this equates being awarded a fully accredited bachelor degree.  Let’s put this claim under a bit more scrutiny to learn what’s really possible.  Can life experience be used or translated to college credit?

In some cases it can.

However, this type of experience to credit exchange is usually highly focused in a specific field or concentration.  For example, a person who’s spent 15 years working in the information technology field could possibly earn upwards of 12 to 15 college credits.  Read that carefully and perform a touch of math.  That translates into roughly one college credit per year of experience.

Isn’t that easy?

Here’s the challenge for the person seeking to earn credit this way.  Most true accredited degree granting institutions will want the experience fully documented.  This will then be reviewed by a person at the college with experience in that field to assess if it’s applicable to conversion to credit based on college courses and the degree curriculum.

After this process is complete credit will be awarded based upon that review.

Let’s take this a step further, knowing the average bachelor degree requires a minimum of 120 hours to earn and a person could expect a one year to college credit conversion this means you’d need 120 years of applicable experience to earn enough credit for an experience based degree.  Does this sound likely or truthful?  No – I hope you see my point.

Let’s be honest, the money a person would spend on this type of garbage would be better spent on a good color printer, bordered paper, and printing their own degree.  Otherwise, the money would be wasted.  At least they’d have a printer worth something.

Next, let’s tackle two additional points – the expense and accreditation.  These types of experience based degrees are not overly expensive in most cases which is what makes them that much more attractive as a shortcut to earning a degree.  A bogus online degree usually starts at $249 bucks and can go upwards from there.  Unfortunately, investing in this type of degree, again, isn’t worth it.

Save your money.

The second claim of being fully accredited is most likely true.  Yes, I’m sure the degree claims to be accredited by some noteworthy sounding governing body.  The catch, it too is not an organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education ever if I were to venture a guess.  Again, waste your time or money and you will learn a lesson the hard way.

Alternatively, put aside the need for instant degree gratification and embrace the process of learning new things the old fashioned way with work and elbow grease.  At the end, you will have earned more than just a degree online but an expanded sense of what you’re cable off achieving.  Sure, it might not necessarily be that online degree fast advertised relentlessly by those seeking to sell you a $200 dollar plus piece of paper online, but the things you will gain from earning a degree online the correct way will far outweigh anything offered by these internet carpet baggers.

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